Crystal Weaver Rolling Stars

Crystal Weaver Rolling Stars
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Crystal Weaver

Rolling Stars

The Midnight Tower is guarded by any number of nefarious traps, henchmen, and monsters. But none compare to the Crystal Weaver in pure corruption and unfeeling malignance. Once a sacred keeper of the Goddess Chamber, the Crystal Weaver was one of the wonders of Crystalia. That the Midnight Queen was able to taint it in both heart and form is a stain upon the land. Once in the shape of a mighty knight, the golem has taken on the twisted form of one of the Queen's spiders, and stalks the halls of her tower hunting down unfortunate Heroes with unfeeling adeptness.


The Crystal Weaver has average stats for a mini-boss, but you’ll notice that it rolls five blue dice for melee. This is because it has the Crystal Curse ability, which allows it to apply one random status effect to the target for each heart rolled during a successful melee attack. Simply place the status effect tokens in the lid of the box or a pouch and draw one to see what curse you get to apply to those trespassing Heroes!

This mini-boss has two unique offensive actions available: Crystalline Web and Mighty Leap. Crystalline Web affects every Hero adjacent to it and gives them Slow, hindering their movement. Mighty Leap allows the Crystal Weaver to Pounce before it attacks, striking from the shadows at Heroes who thought they were safe. It also has one support action: Seize Prey. This action allows the Crystal Weaver to select a Hero and place the Hero adjacent to the Crystal Shaper at the end of the Crystal Shaper’s activation. So it can target a Hero, move seven squares, and then place the Hero next to it once its activation is over, effectively dragging the doomed Hero across the map. This is perfect for setting up for another attack, or simply setting the party back!

The Crystal Weaver is a unique mini-boss perfect for hindering a party through malign curses and even kidnapping! There’s a lot to love about this sparkling spider.



In Arcade, the Crystal Weaver functions much as it does in Explore, though there are a few differences. Rather than a random status effect, it applies Hex and Immobile in order to hamper the Heroes. But, unlike its Explore counterpart, it applies these status effects with every successful attack rather than when a heart is rolled, creating an even greater challenge!

Seize Prey still works to hamper the Heroes’ progress and move them back but, rather than placing the Hero next to the Crystal Shaper, the Crystal Shaper pushes the Hero an impressive six squares and then is placed next to them.

The Crystal Weaver is just as much of a challenge to the party in Arcade, if not more so! 

It also comes with an awesome treasure card!


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