Crystalia Castle Town Halloween Painting Fun!

Crystalia Castle Town Halloween Painting Fun!

Crystalia Castle Town Halloween Painting Fun!

The Crystalia Castle Town Discord server is a great place for Super Dungeon fans to meet up, chat, share their experiences and, of course, share their magnificently painted miniatures.

They run a number of painting competitions over the course of the year, so it's no surprise that they had one in the run-up to Halloween.

Their Halloween creations are a perfect way to celebrate this spooky time of year!

Von Drakk Manor's denizens appear straight out of video game!


It looks like Stilt Town is about to be overrun by a zombie plague!


Ready for harvest, is Jack Scarecrow friend or foe?


Succubus Vandella blows you a kiss!


If you want to meet other fans of Super Dungeon and join in future painting contests, you can join the Crystalia Castle Town Discord server. 


If you'd like to see your stuff featured as part of a future Community Spotlight, send us your best fiction, paint jobs, adventures, and other cool content to, share with us on Twitter @ninjadiv, or use #ninjadivision on Instagram!


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