Cursed Barrow: Gameplay

Cursed Barrow: Gameplay
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Playing the Cursed Barrow

When delving into the frozen necropolis of the Cursed Barrow, players should beware. These are not mere rattlebones shuffling about. No, the ancient reavers known as Draugr, their Black Hand seers, and the raving Berzerkers the Draugr become can be a challenging force to defeat.


Super Dungeon Cursed Barrow


First, how does the Cursed Barrow work? Each Cursed Barrow can spawn a single Black Hand, 5 Draugr, and a Berzerker. The Cursed Barrows themselves exude a miasma of doom and Despair. Despair will lower the defensive rolls of heroes nearby by a whole STAR! But that’s not all you will face.


Super Dungeon Cursed Barrow


Black Hand seers can be effective and meddlesome enemies amongst the single minded Draugr. While having a decent ranged WILL based attack, they are also settled with two strong abilities to work with their allies. Wraith Walk and Berzerker Saga!

In addition to their own abilities, Wraith Walk grants activating nearby Draugr with Ghost, allowing them to move through solid structures and walls. Berzerker Saga can then change the already dangerous Draugr into Berzerkers! Should you get close, the Black Hand also exudes Despair and you will suffer on your defense rolls accordingly. Beware the Black Hand!


Super Dungeon Cursed Barrow


Draugr form the backbone of the enemies you will fight from a Cursed Barrow. With average STR, and ARM they are a minor threat to the average hero. But it’s their aura of Despair that will drag down your heroes as they succumb to the icy grip of the Reach, or distract them just enough to meet their end at the claws and teeth of a raging Berzerker.


Super Dungeon Cursed Barrow


Berzerkers are powerful enemies, more than the plodding Draugr, Berzerkers, when activated, gain Blood Drinker, and Fury, making them deadly enemies. With additional attacks and wounds, they are hard to destroy in single rounds of combat and, with their Blood Drinker ability, they can heal wounds they deal in combat. Fury grants additional STR dice to Berzerkers who have taken wounds when attacking.

The enemies found in the Cursed Barrow will test your party’s abilities and coordination.


Happy Hunting!


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