Cursed Barrow: Lore

Cursed Barrow: Lore
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“These Halls Echo With Our Doom!” - Blizzard Wizard.

Once, the Reaver tribes of the Frostbyte Reach were a scourge across all of Cristalia. Building great longships, the Reavers raided along every coastline of Crystalia. Before the rise of the Dark Consul, the tribes united under the powerful and charismatic Reaver King followed Elrik on his plundering raids. They would follow his ambition into madness and join him in servitude as his eternal guard in undeath.


Super Dungeon Cursed Barrow


When Elrik doomed his Reavers to the curse of undeath, he ordered the construction of the grand macabre hall, to house him and his new warriors, deep beneath the Frostbyte Reach.

Resembling a tomb more than a palace or a castle, the Hall of the Lich King sprawls for untold miles beneath the surface. The only sign of the Hall upon the surface are the burial mounds of the cursed barrows. Here, Elrik’s cursed draugr warriors take rest, ever alert for trespassing Heroes.


Super Dungeon Cursed Barrow


These halls are home to more than lurching draugr warriors. There is a hierarchy of danger that awaits the curious interlopers, whether they are trying to find shelter from the Reach’s icy storms or hunting for ancient treasures amongst the mounds. First amongst the ghastly denizens are the Black Hand. These were Elrik’s trusted circle of advisors and sages. It was this circle that first tapped into the Dark Realms powers and began the seduction of Elrik that ultimately led to his damnation.


Super Dungeon Cursed Barrow


Do not let the heavy footfalls of the Draugr, sluffing along the frozen halls of the Barrow to lead one to believe they are mere unthinking drones, slowed with age and the bitter cold.


Super Dungeon Cursed Barrow


No, within each Draugr lies the soul of the ancient reaver he once was. Fierce, proud, and violent to his marrow, the Draugr can unlock this bloody fury, once again feeling, smelling, and tasting. Hardy is the warrior that can stand against a raging berserker determined to find release in one last glorious fight.


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