Cursed Jarl

Cursed Jarl
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Beware, The Cursed Jarl!

In order to unite the warring human tribes of Frostbyte Reavers, Elrik was required to earn the allegiance of each tribe’s powerful Jarl. Attracted to his power, most Jarl’s happily supported his claims to kingship and the riches it brought to them. They did not know of the dark powers which Elrik tapped to gain his strength. The Jarls loyal to Elrik, joined him in his curse of undeath.


Super Dungeon Cursed Jarl


This powerhouse Mini-Boss is one of the Hall’s apex predators. Like other enemies in the dungeon, these powerful leaders possess the soul sapping ability, Despair, common to the other Draugr. Not only does he lower the Heroes defense rolls but he takes advantage of this to heal his own wounds. With Blood Drinker any time the Cursed Jarl inflicts a wound, he may remove one wound or one status effect token from its card for every heart rolled!

In addition to his powerful stat-line, the Jarl also lends powerful bonuses to nearby undead monsters. The ability to shapeshift nearby Draught into Beserkers is only made more deadly when he calls upon Strength in DecayWhile a model with Death Lord is in play, all Undead monsters without the Death Lord ability gain an additional Green dice to all rolls. You better have packed those healing potions!


Super Dungeon Cursed Jarl


Towering above the rest of the Draugr, the Cursed Jarl model is an impressive beast. Its powerful footprint covers a lot of ground, and makes an impression on the board. Turn up the air conditioning, grab a sweater, and get ready for the chill of the Lich Kings hall.


Adventurers Beware!


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