D’Shaun & Captain R

D’Shaun & Captain R
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Pirate Cosplay, Captain R or D’Shaun. Who wears it better?

Since we are in a sea ravaging mood, this week we are putting special highlight on our Way of the Fighter hero, D’Shaun. From the mean streets as a raging fighter, to the rolling seas as a privateer, D’Shaun has a tremendous eye for style, and seems to like Captain R’s regal look.


Super Dungeon Captain R


Growing up D’Shaun was an unabashed pirate fan. Every Halloween costume was a pirate and every school report detailed his newest favorite cutthroat of the high seas. As the Cursed Captain, D’Shaun continues his obsession in his favorite video game.


Super Dungeon D'Shaun


D’Shaun is certainly commanding respect with Captain R’s amazing rules. First off, D’Shaun will benefit from Captain R’s traits, being both immune to Bane, and Poison. That will see off a number of dread pirate curses. With a powerful ranged attack like Flintlock, and a rare Cross 3 attack with Kraken, D’Shaun will dive straight into the heart of the action.


Super Dungeon D'Shaun


Round out any good pirate with a solid chug of something that burns the eyes, and D’Shaun’s special potion Treasure Map will allow an additional treasure to be drawn with any he finds.


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