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…It’s Full of Stars! Becoming Dazzled!

Bright Magic is a very serious magical pursuit. It is not the Dazzleds’ fault that it is VERY bright. VERY colorful. VERY sparkly. And VERY Exciting! Most Dazzled don’t see very well anymore -- all the more reason to make their spells even bigger and brighter!


Super Dungeon Dazzled


If you are confused by all this prattle about all that is bright and shiny, most serious mages would say so too. But for those that take the Dazzled path, they will surely light the way. Dazzle magic focuses on intense photomagical effects. This would explain the Dazzleds’ first trait Found A Shiny. When a model with Found A Shiny rolls a critical success, draw one loot and place it into the backpack! (Can’t leave all that sparkly loot around)

Their magical attacks have a long effective range as befits such a pyrotechnic display. With a little summoning gumption, a Dazzled can cast a SparkleBOOM, knocking enemies to the ground in a wide area, much to the excitement of the caster. Should that not do the trick, casting Fireworks will add to the attack roll, with Improved Critical AND Massive Damage. This one’s gonna hurt.


Super Dungeon Dazzled


All is not explosions and sparkle, even the tiniest glint of the eye is enough to warrant concern, as a Dazzled can cast Lights In Your Eyes in a WILL vs DEX attack that causes Hex, effectively making their best aimed attacks fail at a higher rate.

Who doesn’t like a show with their dungeon run?


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