Deepwater Diver

Deepwater Diver
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Deep Diving Dungeoneering!

There’s a gnome inside. Or so they say.
It’s not come out for many a day.
Where are you gnome? Don’t hide away.
A dungeon we’ve found. It’s time to play.
Click-clatter to life. Into the fray!

Super Dungeon Deepwater Diver


The deep wet of the dungeons around Clockwork Cove are ideal for spelunking explorers like the Deepwater Diver. And no, spelunking is not called that because of the noise he makes jumping into the drink. This encased Gnomish nutter loves the confines of his environment suit. Sure, he’s slow, but he has some great starting stats and abilities to encourage a party to consider him to come along.

First, with a great starting armor and strength, as well as reach, the Deepwater Diver is throwing attacks and taking hits like a true tank. Add the trait Grabby, and now you can literally “anchor” an enemy to a spot, controlling some baddies in ways never possible with other heroes.


Super Dungeon Deepwater Diver


Lead with the Beard, and Go-Go Grabby Claws are two unique actions that provide much needed aggressive movement and area control. Lead with the Beard is a Lance Charge, and the Grabby Claws extend and can Pull enemies including Spawn Points! To aid in great team dynamics, Seal the Hatches gives the Deepwater Diver a Wave 2 remedy to aid his compatriots, while his potion is one of the most powerful healing draughts in the game!

So, chip off those barnacles! Polish that brass! And get yourself a Deepwater Diver to add to your party today!


You're Always Safe With The Deepwater Diver.


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