Defeat Your Foes With New Ninja!

Defeat Your Foes With New Ninja!
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New ninja for Super Dungeon!

The influence of the Dark Consul continues to spread to the newly discovered continent of Kagejima. New Super Dungeon ninja miniatures, both friend and foe, have arrived to populate your dungeons!


As a young boy, Ryu, showed a talent in alchemy and was able to apprentice in this profession with his father. One fateful trip, however, saw them fall victim to a howling group of bandits. He survived, and wandering monks found him. As he grew in their monastery, Ryu soon became a strong and focused fighter with an understandable hatred for those who preyed on the weak.


Mochizuki eschews her school’s preference for subtle poisons or the concealed tanto in favor of the shock and power of paired pistols. Preternaturally swift and silent, Mochizuki is famed for appearing an instant before she turns her guns upon her target in a blaze of flame and thunder, and then vanishing again into the smoke.


Troublesome kami who inhabit Kagejima’s lakes, rivers, and swamps, the kappa are wild, dangerous, ghastly creatures. And yet, for all that they love to overturn boats and drown unwary children, several clans have successfully coaxed these inhumanly strong and exceptionally stealthy creatures into performing services.

super dungeon shojo yagyu jubei howl and yip

Howl & Yip, Yagyu Jubei, and Shojo

If you missed the last wave of ninja releases, now is the perfect time to get a set and expand your Kagejima themed adventuring party!


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