Demon Queen Araphel: Gameplay

Demon Queen Araphel: Gameplay
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Araphel is an ancient evil that resides in Crystalia to further the mission of the Dark Consul. Though rumored once to have sought the Dark Consul as a devotee, it was the Dark Consul through treachery and subterfuge that won ultimate power in a gamble that nearly cost him his eternal essence! Secretly, Araphel is quite proud of his achievements, though outwardly she is bitter and spiteful.


Super Dungeon Demon Queen Araphel


Araphel is a cunning Dungeon Boss with a lot of nuanced skills to use. Spread The Love and Do It For Me? are her two built in abilities that are interesting in their application. Spread The Love allows Araphel to affect a target model with any status effect with the successful roll of a Potion on the attack. This can be a blistering show of Fire, Ice, Poison clouds, and all manner of hexes and curses exploding in a magenta and purple lights show surely to keep other heroes out of the way! Do It For Me? Uses her innate ability to manipulate the battle space. Upon activating, within 4 squares, a hero would need to pass a WILL check, if rolling 0 stars, the first action and first three squares of movement belong to the Queen!


Super Dungeon Demon Queen Araphel


With a massive WILL based attack, and decent ARM, Queen Araphel can really mess with a party! Blind Obedience is a ranged attack that, if inflicting a wound, allows the Queen to spend 1 Action from the hero for every status effect on them, use with Spread The Love for biggest effect. Lovestruck pulls out all the stops, as the Queen beguiles a hero with a Compel move and then summons 2 Spiteful Cherubs adjacent to the target.

Lastly, to rub it in, should her Cherubs start to take a lot of space up in the dungeon, she can call for them to Go For The Eyes! Giving a free attack to her dastardly minions wherever they may be if they are in play!


Fall In love With Her, Today And Forever!


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