Demon Queen Araphel: Lore

Demon Queen Araphel: Lore
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Beware the Whispers of the Mistress of Chains, Queen Araphel

Araphel is the Mistress of Chains and Lady of Deceit, giving aid to any who seek to subvert and control the will of those around them. Her Devoted come from every walk of life, even the clergy of other deities are sometimes the Devoted of Araphel in disguise, working her poison plots from within other houses of worship.


Super Dungeon Demon Queen Araphel


It is said that her network of whisperers can trace lines across the ruling courts of the free peoples of Crystalia. Devotees to the Mistress of Chains can be identified by the small fetishes and icons they will keep on their person, dedications to their demonic mistress, and reminders, sometimes through spells of binding and pain, that they must keep up their end of whatever dark pact they entered into with the foul being.


Super Dungeon Demon Queen Araphel


The Dark Consul is greatly pleased by the reach and influence of the Queen's spies and servants, helping to ever further his dark plans. Should he ever lack vigilance in her presence, however, be wary of the eternity of treachery that runs black in her other-worldly veins.


Beware The Demon Queen!


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