Devil Island Components Arriving!

Devil Island Components Arriving!
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Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Components Arriving!

Super Dungeon Devil Island Tiles and Tokens

Through holidays and pandemic Devil Island will not be deterred, and components have begun arriving!

All four dungeon tiles and the tokens are here. We're already beginning the process of bagging all of the tiles and counters together so that they stay nice and protected and are easy to drop into the box when final assembly begins.


Super Dungeon: Explore Devil Island Tiles

We are incredibly pleased with the tiles and tokens. The art is crisp and clear. They have a beautiful finish, and even though they are thinner that Forgotten King's components they feel nice and sturdy. 


Super Dungeon Explore Saru

Saru is especially pleased to to have some tiles to run around on. She and all the Ijin and dice are waiting excitedly.

The components we are still waiting on are the cards, rulebooks, dashboards, and box.

We received physical proofs of the dashboards and have approved them, and they are currently printing. We also received eproofs of the boxes last week and approved them for printing.


Proof Errors

This week we received eproofs for the cards and there were a couple of errors. Most of them are like the image above, where the art broke the bounding box. The printer is getting those fixed and then will be sending new proofs.

Needing to use a different specialized manufacturer for each component has been quite the experience, but we're incredibly happy with the results now that they've started arriving, and will share the next components we get as soon as they are here!

If you want in on Devil Island, we have fewer than 100 copies left as part of this manufacturing run. Once they're gone, Devil Island will no longer be available until we're ready to do another print run.

Don't miss out!

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