Devil Island Legends Campaign Designer Diary

Devil Island Legends Campaign Designer Diary

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Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island is here, and lead designer Justin Gibbs is ready to give us the lowdown on the incredible Devil Island Legends Campaign that accompanies the core Super Dungeon: Explore 2nd Edition rules.

Devil Island Legends Designer Diary

In addition to providing a boxed set with rules for Super Dungeon: Explore 2nd Edition and providing amazing new models for your games of Super Dungeon. Devil Island also introduces the very first Legends campaign! Legends provides a series of scenarios that are linked by a common story where Heroes and monsters alike can power up between games before having an epic showdown.

The Legends campaign booklet included in the Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Starter follows Momotaro and his band of friends as they assault the home of Bomechan and her dreaded Ijin in an attempt to put a stop to the Ijin’s piracy. Each game that you and your friends play in the Legends campaign will advance the story further and have effects on subsequent games.

Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Locked Loot

Sixteen of the loot cards in the Devil Island loot deck are designated with a lock symbol. Heroes may keep these loot cards between games (though loot without the lock symbol, wounds, status effects, etc. are discarded between games). In addition to this, specific scenarios will tell you when the Heroes find Bomechan’s treasure, and this treasure is also something that the Heroes can keep between scenarios.

Of course, the Heroes aren’t the only ones who get more powerful as the games progress. The Consul will also get to draw power up cards when Heroes are destroyed or other game results are met. These cards represent devious plans and hidden reserves that the Consul has at its disposal and they will add a surprising twist to the campaign when the Consul chooses to use them.

Super Dungeon: Explore Devil Island Dumpling Quest

In addition to the overall story of the Legends campaign, each Hero has their own wants and goals. To represent this, and to make things more interesting, each Hero has a card listing their own individual quest. If they accomplish their quest, the card is flipped over and becomes a treasure that they can keep from game to game. But the Heroes had better make sure that they’re completing the overall goal of the scenario in addition to what they are striving to do individually!

Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Scenario 5

The individual scenarios are also designed to flow together. These games do not use the Mighty Monster Chart; instead they outline the Heroes’ goals as well as how the Consul spawns monsters. In this way each game in the campaign has its own unique feel while building on the games that came before it. Every game has new and exciting win conditions for the Heroes and the results of the game have consequences for the story. For example, whether the Heroes win or lose the game might determine what scenario is played next. Also, because the Legends campaign consists of multiple games, most of them are shorter than a normal game of Super Dungeon: Explore, with many of them using only two tiles. This allows you and your friends to get through multiple games in a single evening, with each game feeling new and fun!

Super Dungeon Explore Devil Island Bomechan Relics

All of these scenarios culminate into an epic showdown between the Heroes and Bomechan in which every side gets to call on all their tricks. The Heroes have all the loot and treasure they accumulated throughout the campaign and Bomechan has her power up cards as well as all of her relic items. If the Heroes are victorious, the campaign is over, and some of the Consul’s shadow gets beaten back from the shores of Kagejima. And if the Heroes lose, well, then there is still one more scenario in which the Heroes flee for their lives as they are chased off of Devil Island by an angry Bomechan. Either way, Legends is a new and exciting way to experience Super Dungeon: Explore, and any fans of the game will have a blast experiencing it.

Super Dungeon: Explore is perfect for a progressive, campaign-style game. It has the story, the history, the fun treasure, and the deadly monsters. It just lacked a way to progress from game to game. But with the Devil Island Legends Campaign it is finally here and you should check it out!

The Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island Starter is available to preorder today!


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