Devil Island Update

Devil Island Update
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Devil Island Update

Hello ninjas! Like us, we know you're waiting anxiously for Super Dungeon Devil Island. We're happy to report that we have received two more components.

Super Dungeon Devil Island Box Pallet

First up, we received a big pallet of boxes. They really turned out sharp and we're looking forward to digging in and assembling all of them!

 Super Dungeon Dice

Second, we received our second batch of dice. With the dice arrived it means that both of the Devil Island preorder waves will be shipping at the same time!

The final three components (cards, books, and dashboards) are still at the printers. We are waiting for them expectantly and will post pictures of them when they arrive.

Super Dungeon Devil Island

Here's a shot of all of the components that have arrived so far all set up. Almost there—we're so excited!

Building this box set from the ground-up from multiple providers has been a new experience for us. We've appreciated your patience as we navigate both the process and the pandemic. We cannot wait to get the last couple pieces and get it on your tabletops!


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