Devil Island Update: Cards

Devil Island Update: Cards

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 Devil Island Update

Earlier this week, we received the physical print proofs for the Devil Island cards.


Super Dungeon Devil Island


The cards are more important to the game than ever.  In Devil Island, what you do in one scenario will affect the next one.  There are loot cards which heroes keep between games and, even, the chance find Bomechan’s treasure, which is also kept between scenarios!

Not only can you keep loot and treasure but the specific Hero Challenges give each player a personal goal.  With something new and different on every card, you're in for something you haven't experienced before in previous iterations of Super Dungeon.


Super Dungeon Devil Island


Devil Island is an absolute beast with 162 cards and we wanted to ensure that every one was up to standard.  After a thorough check over, we gave our seal of approval and can confirm printing is under way!


Shipping Preparations

The cards are the last component we're waiting on.  With them coming off the press, hot and fast, we've begun pre-packing.   


Super Dungeon Devil Island


The boxes are being assembled with every component checked as they're added.  The moment we get the cards, we'll get them in the box, complete packing and get the games shipped out to you as quickly as possible.


Super Dungeon Devil Island


It's been a long journey but we're so close and very excited for you to play Super Dungeon: Devil Island!


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