Devil Island Update: Dashboards

Devil Island Update: Dashboards
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Devil Island Update

Devil Island has been quite the adventure so far. Fortunately, it is nearing its heroic conclusion! We have received the dashboards. Let’s take a look.



Mmmm...delicious dashboards.

We’ve received all three dashboards, the standard Explore Mighty Monster Chart, the Hero Backpack, and of course Bomechan’s own unique Mighty Monster Chart.




Bomechan’s unique Mighty Monster Chart is a first for Super Dungeon: Explore. Since this is a starter set we didn’t go too crazy with it, but it still includes some fun flavorful  additions like Smoke Bombs and Raging Oni! If you want to see more unique mighty monster charts for bosses be sure to let us know on social media!

Both rulebooks shipped out to us on Wednesday and will be here any day. We can't wait to open them up! 

Almost There!

For those of you keeping track at home, we are only waiting on one final component —the game cards. The cards are at the printer and should be on their way to us soon. We have already begun prepping and building sets so that when they arrive Devil Island can be in the mail as quickly as possible.



This adventure has taught us a lot about sourcing production for a single product’s components through multiple vendors and how a pandemic can make it extra challenging. We’re very grateful for your patience and can’t wait to have Devil Island on your tabletops!



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