Devil Island Update: UK & EU Shipping

Devil Island Update: UK & EU Shipping
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Devil Island Update

After a long journey guarded by Clan Ika, we have received the final Devil Island shipment in the UK warehouse!


Super Dungeon Devil Island


We now have all Devil Island components in the UK and packing has begun. We're working our way through a lot of content but are thrilled to confirm we are about to begin shipping Super Dungeon: Devil Island to UK and EU customers!

In our General Update, we let you know about some of the additional challenges that we have faced.  Please be aware that there is a high volume of orders to fulfil and, as such, there will be a short period while we package and process orders and begin shipping.


Super Dungeon Devil Island


When your order has been packed and is ready to go, a tracking number will be generated and you will receive a notification via email.  At this point we will be unable to amend any address details.

Your package will be sent to the shipping address showing on your order, not to the default address on your account, make sure they are all current and have been updated if necessary.

Updating the default address on your account will not automatically update the shipping address on your orders. Please, update your default address first and then contact us at and we will apply the new address to your order.


Super Dungeon Devil Island


Thank you for your patience and support while we continue to overcome these obstacles.  We look forward to seeing your games of Super Dungeon: Devil Island!


For general enquiries, customer service and more information on Ninja Division products, please do not hesitate to 
contact us.


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