Dirty Rats

Dirty Rats
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Those Dirty Rats!

While giant rats are not uncommon in the dungeons of Crystalia, those in the employ of the Pauper Prince are of a particular nuisance. The Prince has an uncanny knack for training his rats to be his eyes and ears, and even to perform the occasional bit of petty theft.


Dirty Rats


Beware the hordes underfoot, their speed and crafty little rat fingers are prone to lift even the most closely held treasures from adventurers that would dare confront the Prince on his own turf. With an almighty YOINK! heroes will find themselves grasping for a sword that is missing from its sheath or fail to deflect a powerful blow when a beloved talisman has mysteriously been lost in the dark!



Super Dungeon Dirty Rats


One such wayward rodent is the sneaky little rat known as Willard. If brought along with crumbles of cheese and bread, Willard's affections can be easily won. If there is a chance to impress his master, Willard might scamper off and bring back all manner of shiny loot.

So, treat even the smallest of the Goddesses creatures with respect, it may bring you blessings.


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