Doomseeker: Borri Bonehammer

Doomseeker: Borri Bonehammer


Borri Bonehammer

In place of being turned out into the wilds to be feasted upon by orcs, Borri chose to take the slayers oath for his part in stealing guild secrets from the great engineers' hold of Karak Zhufbar. Rune enchanted cannon, flying machines, and other great contraptions that many dwarfs and would-be engineers would want to recreate in their own workshops are sometimes too much of a temptation, even for a steadfast dwarf. Now, Borri wanders the edges of Sylvania seeking his death among the brittle-boned servants of the vampires and joining with any dwarf throng or caravan in need until his debt is paid.

Borri is at his best when the battlefield is plagued by a common foe, gaining +1 strength while there are four or more doom of the same type on the battlefield. Because of this, it wise for Borri's player to keep hold of fate cards that allow him to "steal" fights from other slayers or fight multiple times when the conditions are right. Paying close attention to the battlefield and holding fighting at the most opportune moment is the key to glory with Borri! 

Bash skulls with Borri!

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