Doomseeker Exclusive Slayer Snorri Nosebiter

Doomseeker Exclusive Slayer Snorri Nosebiter


Exclusive Slayer Snorri Nosebiter

Doomseeker is coming to Gencon, August 2nd, and with it the Ninja Division Exclusive Snorri Nosebiter slayer card! Snorri is only available directly through Ninja Division. How do you get it, you ask? Easy! If you are attending Gencon, receive a Snorri with any purchase made at the Ninja Division booth.

If you will not be at Gencon, or are purchasing Doomseeker through your favorite retailer so you can get the retail exclusive Malakai don't despair! You can receive Snorri with any online purchase from the Ninja Division store, August 2 - 6. After the 6th Snorri will be included with any online purchase of the Doomseeker card game.

Snorri Nosebiter is available in limited quantities, and only while supplies last!

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