Doomseeker: Good Times Bad Times

Doomseeker: Good Times Bad Times


Good Times Bad Times

Our series of articles discussing strategy for Doomseeker continues! Thanks for joining us for another installment. Today we will continue looking at how to get the most out of the different Grudges that you will end up with from game to game.

Grudges are secret objective cards that are revealed at the end of the game. They will award you additional Renown depending on how well you accomplished the objective. Today we are actually going to be looking at two Grudge cards! Insurmountable Loss and Manic Bloodlust:

Both of these Grudges reward you for seeking out and defeating a certain mix of Dooms. So by controlling what type of dooms you defeat and how many of each type you can score the most renown from each of these Grudges. In the case of Manic Bloodlust, the strategy is to defeat as many Dooms as you can from one type while defeating less total Dooms from any other type and defeating at least 1 Doom of another type. Insurmountable loss is a bit more of a tightrope balancing act since, ideally, you will want to defeat Dooms from two types and have one less of one type than the other. However, both of these Dooms require you to be choosy about what types of Dooms you fight. So how to take advantage of these secret objectives? Selection and quantity!

Each of these Dooms allows you to either fight additional Dooms or some level of control over what type of Dooms will be available to be fought. These options will allow you better control over the mixture of Dooms in your scored pile making it easier to maximize the points scored from your Grudge. Keep an eye out for these Treasure cards:

Each of these treasures lets you fight additional Dooms. Some of them give you choice about whether the additional dooms fought are of the correct type t help maximize your scored pile. Pick them up if you see them! Making the most out of the Girdle of Fortitude and the Grim Horn of Grudges might require taking a good amount of damage so you might want to play a Boon of Valaya during one of your battles to keep you going through the end of the game. Here are some other Fate cards that can greatly help your cause:

All of these Fate cards allow you to fight more Dooms than normal or to control which Dooms are fought by whom.

With all of the fighting of additional Dooms you will normally not have any issues dying by the end of the game and will normally run the risk of being eliminated somewhere in the middle of the game so it is still important to choose your battles wisely so that you can maximize the amount of time you have in the game to get the mixture of Doom types in your scored pile just right. So a judiciously consumed Healing Draught or Bugman’s XXXXXX can go a long way toward your saga going down in history.

Continue your search for an epic death by getting Doomseeker to the tabletop today!

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