Doomseeker: Grimgar Alebelly

Doomseeker: Grimgar Alebelly


Grimgar Alebelly

Grimgar Alebelly is a name known throughout Karaz-a-Karak. Even the Slayer King himself has recognized the deeds of this mighty warrior.  Age and time don’t seem to slow the blur of his axe or his fervor as a devotee of Grimnir and the Slayers Cult. The mention of this fiery warrior at the head of a column of drengi is enough to scatter skaven and greenskins alike. But it is the dread wyrm Baudros, the great Chaos Dragon that devoured his lord in battle. Grimgar scours the battlefields for news of the beast that he may find him and claim his vengeance.

Grimgar's ability grants him +1 strength if three or more fate cards were played on his fight. This means that the more fate intervenes, the stronger Grimgar Alebelly becomes to counter it. This ability to overcome fate can be very useful if your opponents attempt to sabotage a fight by playing cards such as Stumble or Critical Fumble allowing you to recoup some of Grimgar's lost strength. It can also be useful in tipping the balance in close fights. A canny player will measure the temper of the other slayers to coax or discourage their use of fate cards.

Join Grimgar and his slayer kin on their quests for redemption!

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