Doomseeker: Gringri Heldenbrand

Doomseeker: Gringri Heldenbrand


Gringri Heldenbrand

Karak Hirn lies on trade routes connecting the lands of the Empire and Tilea. Wedged firmly in the black mountains, this great hold is a center for trade and commerce. Gringri, duped by a swarthy Tilean merchant, ended up brokering a trade of gunpowder from Nuln for rare Tilean Steel dueling blades, only to end up in the middle of a deal gone bad. Having to fight her way out of the ensuing melee, Gringri’s credibility was destroyed, and she took the slayer's oath to atone, forging out into the black mountains to meet her end amongst the brigands and monsters that make their home there.

A ferocious slayer, Gringri's ability earns her a rune token and a fate card whenever she is wounded. This means that Gringri is strongest when wavering between life and death. This makes her perfect for players who are not afraid of the roll of a dice determining their fate against a powerful doom. Even if she loses the fight she grows stronger! Cunning players will make good use of fate cards such a Boon of Valaya and Slayer's Brotherhood to make the most of Gringri's potent ability.

Gringri Heldenbrand and the rest of her slayer brethren are available now in Warhammer: Doomseeker!

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