Doomseeker: Kazrik Sharkbiter

Doomseeker: Kazrik Sharkbiter


Kazrik Sharkbiter


Captain Long Drong swore his slayer's oath, along with his loyal crew, after a storm cast his ship and cargo of rare dwarf ale into the Sartosan Sea. Kazrik Sharkbiter stood with his brothers and took the vow to find an end worthy of saga and fame. Until then, the pirate crew of The Far Fregar have been hired to help recover many lost treasures and battle to take others.  Only slayers wanting to meet their end would go so boldly!

Kazrik Sharkbiter is one of eight slayers included in the Warhammer: Doomseeker card game. A master at manipulating fate, it is often in Kazrik's best interest to assist other slayers in defeating Dooms, in order to keep your hand stocked with Fate Cards. This ability makes Kazrik likely to always have the perfect Fate Card in hand for any given situation, ensuring he goes to his doom in the most epic of fashion!

Kazrik and the rest of his slayer brethren are available August 2nd!

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