Doomseeker: Seeking Gold

Doomseeker: Seeking Gold


Seeking Gold

Doomseeker is a light-hearted game where you and a group of friends casually get together in order to brutally slay horrendous foes and die a glorious death in combat. Even so, there are some fun and interesting strategies that can develop as you go along, and usually your overall strategy is going to be determined by your grudge card.

Grudge cards are secret objectives that let you score bonus renown at the end of the game. Today we’re going to take one grudge card as an example and look at how it might shape your strategy.

If this is your grudge, you’re going to want as much gold as possible. After all, what is more important than dying with the most gold? In order to do this, you’re going to want to pay attention to how much gold slaying various Dooms will score you, and go after the ones that get you the most gold. That much is obvious, but what cards should you keep an eye out for as you play?

The Verminlord gives you an additional renown for every two treasures you have. Because you have been hoarding gold anyway, you will have plenty of gold for lots of treasures (and remember that gold spent on treasures still counts) so slaying this doom fits perfectly into your strategy. It should be a top priority, but what do you do if one of your friends is on the brink of slaying it first?

You may want to hold on to an Out Of The Way fate card, allowing you to steal the kill from your friend! Another thing you should notice about Out Of The Way is that the player you use it on gains three gold. So if your friends use Out Of The Way on you while you have the Gold Lust grudge, that is actually great for you! Your friends don’t know what your grudge is, so you can be tricky and pretend that a certain doom is far more important to your strategy than it really is, in the hopes of having a card like Out Of The Way played on you.

Also, any cards that allow you to fight additional dooms are going to be great for you. The more dooms you slay, the more gold you get! This makes cards like Girdle Of Fortitude perfect for your strategy!

Finally, you may want to live a little longer than other slayers. Dying is still an integral part of Doomseeker, but the dead can’t gain gold, so things that heal wounds, like the Boon of Valaya, may be useful in keeping your slayer alive just long enough to die on an impressive pile of gold!

Of course, this was just a single grudge and a handful of cards that can interact with it in an interesting way. Doomseeker has tons of cool combinations, surprises, and strategies for you and your friends to discover as you play!

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