Doomseeker: Treasure—Lots of Treasure!

Doomseeker: Treasure—Lots of Treasure!


Treasure—Lots of Treasure!

Doomseeker isn’t just about seeking your glorious death (though that is the goal) there is also lots of treasure to be found along the way! Today we’ll take a look at some of the loot you may find on your way to your epic demise.

The Grudge Rune Greataxe allows you to fight another doom on your turn, which is a great way to build up more renown! However, the doom you fight is random and, once revealed, you have to fight it. But what’s the worst that could happen, glorious death?

You can discard the Talisman of Strength when fighting a particularly nasty doom to add to your roll. Save it for a particularly difficult battle because you can only do it once. But at three gold, it’s a relatively inexpensive treasure.

The Rune Axe gives you a bonus to your strength equal to the number of rune tokens you have, up to a maximum of three. This is a particularly fun treasure because it makes you think before you discard a rune token for a reroll.

Obviously dying in battle is the goal, but sometimes you want to hold on just a little bit longer to slay more beasties. For those times, the Healing Draught is what you need!

The Girdle of Fortitude gives you a chance to fight a second doom after losing a fight. It’s the perfect way to get a second shot at that monstrosity or to just make sure you die in an epic fight.

The Grim Horn of Grudges allows you to fight a doom that proved too much for another slayer. Show your friends how it’s done after they fall on their faces!

Hunting some Greenskins? Pick up the Orcsdoom Battle Axe to cut them down without trouble! And, of course, there are weapons for the other types of enemies you’ll encounter, too!

These are just a few of the treasures you’ll encounter as you seek your glorious death in Doomseeker, there are many more waiting to be discovered!

Hoard treasure to slay your foes!

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