Dread Scarlett

Dread Scarlett
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Into the Salty Brine with ye!

“Aye. I cheated. Tis your fault you let me get away with it.”

A pirate is a fickle creature. They are your best friend on search for booty, but will cross you in a moment when they see opportunity to enrich themselves at your expense! Enter the Mini-Boss Dread Scarlett, feared and reviled Freyan Pirate.


Super Dungeon Scarlett Cutlass


The Mini-Boss version of our pirate does not differ greatly from the hero version, though her starting stats are considerable. With robust ARM and DEX, Surefoot, 9 Lives, and 6 hearts to start. Some notable skills for friend and foe alike are worth mentioning.

First is her ability Backstabber, any wounds you manage to land on her, she can deflect on to her hapless minions nearby. So be sure to get her on her own. And should you succeed at the task of taking her out, her 9 Lives kicks in and she can quickly recover.


Super Dungeon Scarlett Cutlass


Working well with others is not always a pirate’s calling but you don’t make it to captain without a few skills. Run Red is a great ability that prompts friendly PIRATE models in the same tile to move 2 squares. This can be advantageous when heroes are getting too close for comfort, or if you want to take advantage of your numbers and surge into the fight. Used in conjunction with Backstabber it will also help to keep Scarlett in the fight a bit longer.

In addition to mirrored abilities Top Sail Pounce and Sanguine Blade (all great for picking targets and fighting) Dread Scarlett can engage in an Epic Duel! This ability affects a model of choice within 6 squares, until that model inflicts a wound on Scarlett, that model may ONLY target Dread Scarlett. This has the advantage of tying up especially troublesome heroes.


Super Dungeon Scarlett Cutlass


So, with these pointers in mind, surprise your next dungeon run with a pirate theme, and bring the Dread Scarlett alongside Black-Handed Henry and the Barnacled Shipwreck!


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