Easy Print Super Dungeon Rulebooks

Easy Print Super Dungeon Rulebooks
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Easy Print Super Dungeon Rulebooks

Due to popular request, we are happy to add all new Easy Print versions of the Super Dungeon Rulebooks to the Super Dungeon Downloads page.

These Easy Print versions have had the background textures and heavy color borders removed to make them easier for you to print and play your games of Super Dungeon!

Super Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon Explore Cover

Download Super Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon Explore is a sword-swinging, fireball blasting, monster-mash dungeon crawl! In Super Dungeon Explore, one player is the Dark Consul who controls all of the dungeon’s monsters; while the remaining players are Heroes bent on stopping the Dark Consul’s evil-doings. 

Super Dungeon Arena

Super Dungeon Arena Cover

Download Super Dungeon Arena

Super Dungeon Arena is a competitive player-versus-player battle board game. In Arena, you control a warband consisting of a Hero, a mini-boss, and two spawning points of monsters. Your warband is then pitted against opposing warbands to fight for supremacy in various arena challenges. Arena allows Heroes and monsters to team-up, unlocking new strategies and tactics that make every game a unique contest. 

Super Dungeon Arcade 

Super Dungeon Arcade Cover

Download Super Dungeon Arcade

Super Dungeon Arcade is a fully cooperative dungeon dive where every player works together to defeat the dungeon. Arcade’s automated dungeon provides Heroes with an escalating challenge the deeper they delve. Confronted by unique challenges and devious plots, the Heroes attempt to thwart the Dark Consul’s evil plans.


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