Eiko Ando

Eiko Ando
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Prayer Warrior, Shining Light into Dark Places

The Exorcists of Kagejima are experts in banishing spirits and calming disquiet demons from beyond this world. Eiko Ando is an adept of the Sohei school of exorcism. Banishing spirits with her magic Prayer Slips and fiery spells.


Super Dungeon Eiko Ando


A powerful ally in your party, Eiko Ando uses unique elements of play, her Prayer Slips. Each prayer slip can be slotted into the appropriate slots in addition to already equipped gear. She even starts with four slips equipped, giving Eiko Ando a powerful punch at the start of the game! With so many abilities to choose, your start of game strategy can be very powerful, enhancing attacks or boosting your allies abilities.


Super Dungeon Eiko Ando


Eiko’s powerful abilities allow her to recover or acquire new prayer slips should she spend hers during the fight, Soul Tether is just such an attack. With her support ability of The Power of Prayer, Eiko really shows her value in lending powerful healing each turn for only a single action.


Super Dungeon Eiko Ando


To top it all off, she can pop the top on her Purifying Water and grant Discipline to help models adjacent gain a blue dice for ALL ROLLS! Talk about a boost! 

Don’t let the things that go bump in the night get you down, bring along Eiko Ando for that much needed pep.


Make The Enemy Pray!


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