Elrik The Lich King: Gameplay

Elrik The Lich King: Gameplay
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Elrik Plays Nice With Strangers

Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, in-fact, as dungeon bosses go, Elrik is in fact, NOT a good person to make a surprise visit to.

Those that disturb his slumber should be aware of his might. Elrik is a master of life and death, and he does not suffer the insult of warm blooded heroes. (The Arch Poisoner takes deference to this). Replete with an amazing starting stat line, Elrik has decent reach, 2 Blue and 2 Green STR, high WILL and ARM, and shrugs off other sorcerers puny attempts at using Hex or Bane. He is the Death Lord, he is surrounded by his aura of Despair, and can gain potions in combat.


Super Dungeon Elrik The Lich King


Working with his minions around him, he can grant Ghost to friendly models within 4 squares via Wraith Walk. His Death Lord grants an addition Green dice to STR of any undead monster in play. Pair that with Despair and you will have a constant drain on your defensive rolls within 2 squares of Elrik. Best to clear out the dungeon before one rouses the ire of this powerful lord!

Keep your head low, his Ghoul Blade has a nasty bite to it, adding Sweep 3, Hex and Bane to his attacks! Should the Lich King feel run down by pestering blows, he can use Death Drain to heal wounds with a Wave 3 WILL attack that hits enemies and allies alike.


Super Dungeon Elrik The Lich King


Elrik gains potions when winning offensive rolls AND defense rolls. Why does he need all those potions? Well, Elrik's Boss Fight card presents him with Soul Jar. After making a roll, Elrik may spend one potion token to reroll one die. Adding to his legendary power in combat!

There are certainly more combinations of monsters and creeps to explore synergy with in the frozen halls of the Lich King, but we certainly recommend using the Cursed Barrow spawning point or, for fun, perhaps the Shallow Grave spawn as well. Put on a sweater, its about to get chilly!


Behold, The Power Of The Lich King!


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