Elrik the Lich King Now Available!

Elrik the Lich King Now Available!

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Elrik the Lich King

Super Dungeon: Elrik The Lich King


Deep in the frozen wastes of Frostbyte Reach, an undying army readies for battle. Weapons clash against shields. Warcries are carried on the chill wind. And an army of the undead prepares to march on Crystalia.

It can be argued that Elrik was the first threat to Crystalia. Rising before the Dark Consul, Elrik was Reaver King of unmatched ferocity, skill, and cunning. Tapping the magicks of the Dark Realm he bolstered his already formidable power through the curse of undeath, becoming a terrifying lich. Now the Lich King stirs within his hall once more, preparing to unleash his draugr warriors across the land and restore his glory of old.

Elrik the Lich King is an all new Dungeon Boss for Super Dungeon: Explore and Super Dungeon: Arcade!

Order now or suffer, Mortals!


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