Exploring Kagejima

Exploring Kagejima

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Exploring Kagejima

Our world is bigger than we have ever supposed.  Heretofore, this work has centered on the Realms of Crystalia and touched on their dark mirror in the Nether Realms, what we might call the ‘known world’.


Super Dungeon Kagejima


We have long believed that these lands were the extent of our world. We have learned that this is far from true.  Heroes have returned to Crystalia Castle with word and evidence of a land beyond the western seas, a land of beauty and shadows, an island that holds the gate to still further realms we had not even dreamed could exist.  This mist-shrouded island is called Kagejima.


Super Dungeon Kagejima


This island chain is home to the Moon Princesses’ court, and the clans vying for control of power over its misty forests and ocean shores.  There is a whole world of characters and miniatures to explore as a collector of Super Dungeon miniatures, with clever adaptations and rules written to include them in your games.


Super Dungeon Shojo


With this week’s promotion, take advantage to add to your collections.  Watch for Shojo, our friendly guide, to help you learn more about Kagejima in the days to come.


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