Fed-Up Farmer

Fed-Up Farmer
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Fed Up Farmer

Farm folk are known for a brusque and surly nature. With a desire to live the peaceful life, some often take up the role of farmer, thinking they can escape a lot of the nastiness of the world. With all these “heroes” galavanting around in their pretty armor and shiny weapons, a hard days work behind a plough, or pitching hay can be a respite from a reality of monsters and apocalyptic comings and goings. Ask any farmer and they will likely respond “I ain’t got time for that.”


Super Dungeon Fed-Up Farmer


But, pushed too far, and when the chance at a peaceful night watching the glow over the horizon with some sweet tea is interrupted by rampaging Kobolds or mealy mouthed rotten pumpkins, enough is enough!


Super Dungeon Fed-Up Farmer


With the battle cry “Get of my land!” this pitchfork wielding hero of the people springs into action! Turns out, a lifetime of baling hay and wrestling livestock can put a mean punch into even the most rudimentary of farming implements.


Defend Your Crops With The Fed-Up Farmer!


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