Formless Hanzo

Formless Hanzo
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Formless Hanzo

"Schooling in a water doctrine means your body, eyes, and weapons are extensions of your spirit. Seek the least resistance, flow around spear points, and know where you stand in a duel, or a battlefield of a thousand duels." - Hanzo 

Formless Hanzo
Miniature painted by Yeji Kim


As we explore the elemental forms of the powerful shinobi Hanzo, it is in his “Formless” guise that his exploration and mastery of the element of water comes forward. Tapping into the same elemental powers as the Ika are renown for, Hanzo is a steady stone in the storms raging waters. With his silver bladed spear dancing in the press of melee, Hanzo can reach enemies from afar with its long shaft or leap into a fight like the mighty waves that crash on the shore.


Super Dungeon Formless Hanzo


Hanzo’s Formless ability confers on him additional attribute power that he can allocate to any of his card’s attributes at the start of each activation. Need a boost of speed, powerful defence, or a powerful thrust, this can see it done. And should it all get too much for him, the gourd on his belt holds an elixir that is rendered from the powerful shoal squids, an ink with powerful magical properties rendering its imbiber near invisibility.


“Be water, my friend.”


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