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The adventurers of Crystalia are all motivated by their own reasons. Some face the dangers of the Dark Consul to bring the light of the Goddess to all corners of the world, some do it to help the less fortunate, some do it for glory. And, of course, some do it for treasure. Fortune Hunters fight for the Goddess, but they have a knack for getting rich while doing so.

This stylish and keen eyed dwarf hero has all the makings of greatness and her race’s deep love for sparkly things found in dark places.


Super Dungeon Fortune Hunter


At first glance, her stats might feel a bit bland, sure, but 6 hearts and 2 potions makes for a tough starting point, and her DEX is great at 2 RED to keep the gribbly minions at bay. However, there is more to this treasure seeking dwarf than meets the eye.

For starters, note that she is immune to knockdown, a nimble thing for a dwarf. She is also set with the keyword Overly Prepared, allowing her to draw 6 loot cards to spend like one use items amongst the hero party during play. Where does she get those wonderful toys?


Super Dungeon Fortune Hunter


Her additional actions are pretty utilitarian, as befits a focused treasure hunter. She gains Extra Powder to aid her in blasting away stronger foes with its additional damage output from Brutal Strike and Massive Damage at a decent range of 6 squares.

Treasure Map ensures that she can get right on top of treasure chests to aid the party with their lucrative contents and get rich in the process. The Fortune Hunters potions allow for any combination of equipping herself or her party with planned or reactionary use of her available loot from Overly Prepared.


Super Dungeon Fortune Hunter


If you want to power up early with wonderful loot and treasure, your Fortune Hunter will net you gains early in the game, and might help pull out a win in the end with a carefully held boost. More than support, the right equipment will make use of her resilience, high wounds, and amazing starting DEX. This is one flexible hero with an enlightened self-interest towards dungeoneering.


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