Fortune Hunter and Clockwork Contraption Now Available!

Fortune Hunter and Clockwork Contraption Now Available!

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Fortune Hunter 

The adventurers of Crystalia are all motivated by their own reasons. Some face the dangers of the Dark Consul to bring the light of the Goddess to all corners of the world, some do it to help the less fortunate, some do it for glory. And, of course, some do it for treasure. Fortune Hunters fight for the Goddess, but they have a knack for getting rich while doing so.

The Fortune Hunter is an all new Hero for your games of Super Dungeon!


Clockwork Contraption

The gnomes of Clockwork Cove originally designed Clockwork Contraptions to do construction work that was too dangerous for those not made entirely of metal. As the complexity of their assignments increased, their logic engines were infused with more power until they became self-aware. Once they started forming a union and demanding fair wages, the gnomes largely set them free. Some have since armed themselves and become adventurers in their own right.

The Clockwork Contraption is a new Hero for your games of Super Dungeon!


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