Frozen Queen

Frozen Queen
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The Cold Never Bothers the Frozen Queen!

Most believe the Frozen Queen is not truly evil despite her frequent conflicts with the Heroes of Crystalia. Indeed, the Frozen Queen has been known to assist Heroes in dire times of need. What prompts this benevolent assistance, none can say, and none get the answer they seek, so best to just let it go.

In her heroic incarnation, the Frozen Queen is a very specialized tool in your dungeon adventures. Both immune to Ice and dealing Ice with all her attacks, the Frozen Queen can greatly interrupt an enemies’ abilities. With well-rounded stats, a high WILL and DEX, the Frozen Queen is adept in the use of range abilities.


Super Dungeon Frozen Queen


Stay Away is a WILL attack at Wave 1 with Push 3. It definitely gets you some breathing room in the crowded rooms and halls of the dungeons that await. Frozen Heart, though only range 3, adds 2 Blue dice to her WILL and Massive Damage to her attack. Should the environment be a bit to hostile to her liking, she can call on the snow and ice with Personal Flurry, an Aura 3 ability that makes all inside of it Immune to status effects and adds Stealth!


Super Dungeon Frozen Queen


While pulling her own weight in the fights, her potion Build A Snowman can be useful in a moment that requires her special blend of chill. Pushing a target 1 square, immobilizing them and affecting them with Ice. Ready to be jumped by the rest of the party!


Build A Snowman With The Frozen Queen, Today!


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