Future House Publishing: Super Dungeon novels preorder

Future House Publishing: Super Dungeon novels preorder

Super Dungeon novelization now available for limited time Early Release

Hello Super Dungeon fans!

Our friends at Future House Publishing have been working hard to bring you this five book novelization and exclusive minis. We are excited to announce this latest project in the Super Dungeon world is now available for preorder from April 9th to April 30th! 

Future House has printing and production all lined up to begin immediately after the early release closes, which means you will get your minis and books within 3 months after the preorder window closes.

If this is the moment you have been waiting for, click here to go to the series preorder page!


If you don’t already know about the book series, this project has been underway for a long time. Six different talented authors have been hard at work creating five new full-length novels set in Crystalia. They have delved deep into the lore and magic of this world to bring some of your favorite places and characters to life. We are so excited to show you what they have created. You will recognize beloved characters like the Midnight Queen, Nyan-Nyan the Chaos Kitty, and the princesses.

For a limited time you can purchase all five books, print or ebook, before anyone else, plus get the limited edition mini figures of the main characters available only during this special preorder. This preorder period only lasts until April 30th, so don’t delay!






Future House Publishing Super Dungeon novels pre-order is now open until April 30th!

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