General Update

General Update


Ninja Division is working hard to provide you with all the exciting products to save Crystalia in Super Dungeon and the chaotic Last Galaxy of Relic Knights! There are bumps on the road to success and we’re powering through the obstacles.



We recently posted a notification on our stores that our shipping operations were temporarily paused until 31st August. This was necessary while transferring inventory to a new warehouse and fulfilment center so that we can improve our shipping services.  Due to an unanticipated delay, the service interruption was extended a little longer than expected.



We are now fully operational and working hard to send you your orders. There will be a short period while we resolve the work accumulated during these delays and we appreciate your patience.



The global supply chain issues are affecting everyone in the world, including our suppliers.  The other impacts of COVID are far-reaching, and well known, especially regarding shipping. The cost of materials has also increased, and the number of personnel is reduced, especially for printers. The demand for their services remains steady and high which has led to communication and production issues which can result in longer production and shipping times.



We are monitoring this situation closely and doing everything we can to mitigate, absorb and reduce the impact on you all in order to provide the best service possible.


Customer Service

Please note that our customer service bandwidth is extremely limited. All emails are replied to in date order. Ideally, we would like to reply to emails within 10 working days. Due to the high volume of emails we have received, this is not possible at this time, but we are working hard to respond to each of you.



If you wish to contact us about an order status, you can find the most recent information regarding each order by logging into your account. If you are contacting us about a Kickstarter order status or update, please see the Kickstarter Information page for the most recent information. These resources are updated when we have verified information to share with you.

At present, we are not able to respond to these types of enquiries individually as we can only repeat the information already available to you. Please do not send additional emails to query the progress of a past email, this only causes further delays for everyone.


Pre-order Items

All pre-order items state “Please note: This is a pre-order and will start shipping as soon as it's available.” in their listing. They are marked as in stock so that you can make the pre-order. These products are always shipped as soon as they become available. Please ensure you check the product listings as orders which include pre-order and available items will only be fulfilled when the pre-order item becomes available. If you wish available items to be shipped immediately, please place them in a separate order. 


From all of us at Ninja Division, thank you for your continued support during this trying time. The Dark Consul’s influence may cause delays but it won’t stop us from providing you with the best products direct to your tabletop!



For general enquiries, customer service and more information on Ninja Division products, please do not hesitate to 
contact us.


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