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Since the age of wars, Ronin have long wandered the lands to sell their services, many turning to robbery and banditry. Goemon has been certainly one of the more free spirits, showing benevolence to those in need, but sure to free a heavy purse from an overly laden merchant traveling alone at night.


Super Dungeon Goemon


Few people have actually met Ishikawa Goemon, but almost everyone knows his name from fireside tales or wanted posters. Though a doughty fighter, Goemon’s real skill in a fight has a lot to do with his uncanny sense of where to find the best loot. A party will always end up with the glittering weapons and gear needed to end the threats that lie ahead.

Luck and Privateer are the hallmark abilities of Goemon. This makes Goemon a happy addition to a party, adding additional loot should he destroy an enemy in a game turn, and drawing additional treasure cards from chests to give the party more to choose from.


Super Dungeon Goemon


Goemon has a few useful abilities in combat. Bring Him Here Is a range 6, Pull 5, helping you to align your enemies for coordinated attacks. Given to his rapscallion nature, Goemon also has I Always Escape, granting him an addition 2 Red dice to his STR attack, and an immediate step back, moving 5 squares away from the square he occupied. Ha ha!


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