Halloween Limited Editions, Return!

Halloween Limited Editions, Return!
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The Master of Chains and Fed-Up Farmer, Return!

Halloween is coming, so what better way to celebrate than to bring back some Limited Edition miniatures!  These Limited Edition Masterclass miniatures will be available to order only until midnight November 7th.

The Master of Chains has been spotted on her adventures and, after one particularly brave hero plucked up the courage to ask, her name has been revealed!

Meanwhile, something new has been seen lurching through the fields and, of course, the Fed-Up Farmer won't be having that! You'll have to wait for him to get back from protecting his crops to find out what he's encountered.


Trixie, Master of Chains

In the Riftling pantheon, there are few more powerful entities than Araphel the Maleficent, Goddess of Bondage. Often prayed to for guidance by scheming lords and agents of the Consul, those that have Her favor gain the power to control the wills of their enemies. Massive labyrinths with twisting levels and devious traps are used to test the neophytes of this secret order. Only by mastering the minions of this dark oubliette can one secure their escape and be welcomed to the priesthood.


Super Dungeon Trixie, Master of Chains


Trixie, Master of Chains is a Limited Edition Hero model for Super Dungeon.


Fed-Up Farmer

"I don't know nothin' 'bout bein' no fancy city Hero from Crystalia Castle. I may be just a simple mouse farmer, but I know this: I'm sick and tired o' these Goddess-durned monsters traipsing all over my land! I've had enough! Hand me my pitchfork, sonny. It's time to show these city-folk how it's done..."  

Super Dungeon Fed-Up Farmer


Fed-Up Farmer is a Limited Edition Hero model for Super Dungeon.


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