Hermit Swordmage

Hermit Swordmage
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While younger Arcadian Swordmages have begun to travel openly through the Realms, elder Swordmages live lives of quiet contemplation exploring the greater mysteries and preserving their knowledge to pass down to their apprentices. It is a foolish villain who underestimates these “hermits”, for they are true masters of their craft.


Super Dungeon Hermit Swordmage


The Hermit Swordmage is a master of the Arcadian Sword Arts. Blending magic and swordsmanship in a seamless dance of blazing attacks with their glowing blades. Ever the counselor, and wise beyond their years, the Swordmage has two great traits, Pep Talk, and Steady. Ever willing to lend wisdom, Pep Talk grants +1 WILL to friendly heroes adjacent to the Hermit Swordmage. Steady, demonstrates their strong attachment to the magic of Crystalia, never budging, incapable of being pushed, pulled, or compelled by their enemies.


Super Dungeon Hermit Swordmage


With a strong set of basic stats, the hero can level up quickly with new loot and treasure. Using their strong control of magic, Mage Push will inflict damage to enemies within Wave 1, then Push them 1 space, and extra damage if the target is adjacent to a wall or structure terrain at the end of its move. Master Push has a longer range, knocking the target down with a huge Push of 6 and inflicting damage if the target ends the push adjacent to walls or terrain. Targets not close enough? For 1 BLUE action, use this cheap Compel ability to line up enemies for your attacks.


Super Dungeon Hermit Swordmage


So, pull together you party and lean into to listen to the wise words of the Hermit Swordmage. You could do a lot worse for companions, and he is especially handy with that sword.


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