Heroes of the Fae Woods

Heroes of the Fae Woods
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Heroes of the Fae Woods

The brave heroes who confront The Forgotten King in his own realm are selfless and powerful. Though seldom a more strange party could be seen travelling west into the Fae Wood to confront the darkness.



Super Dungeon Forgotten King Heroes


A slightly distracted Elf with a penchant for herbs, the rattling armor of a Questing Knight, a shifty eyed Royal Warden, the proud tromping hooves of a Thundervale Huntress, and the jolly trail songs of Princess Emerald at the head of the troupe. Whatever is ahead, there will certainly be adventure on this path.


Fae Alchemist

Quick-minded and curious, Fae Alchemists travel throughout Crystalia searching for obscure ingredients and reagents for their alchemical concoctions.


 Super Dungeon Forgotten King Heroes


Highly regarded by all Heroes, Fae Alchemists are in constant demand. Their potent potions can easily turn the tide of any battle


Questing Knight

Many think the Bramble Knights all shared in the Forgotten King’s curse. In truth, a small number of Bramble Knights remained loyal to Crystalia and fought against their former liege. This order of true knights has remained secret for centuries—known only as Questing Knights.


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Heroes


Hidden beneath thick armor and possessing a unequalled mastery of weapons, the Questing Knights will not rest until The Forgotten King and his court are put to the sword and their honor is restored.


Royal Warden

The world of Crystalia is vast and wild. Its citizens are spread throughout many realms, each with their own living conditions and cultures. It is the duty of the Royal Wardens to maintain the King’s peace along the roads, trails, and wilderness that bind the kingdom together.


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Heroes


These rugged and hardy individuals travel the realms fighting brigands, tracking down fugitives, and collecting the King’s taxes. Hailed as both Hero and Villain, there are few servants of the kingdom as iconic as the doughty warden.


Thundervale Huntress

Thundervale Centaurs are a proud and fearless people. The broad valley of the Thundervale echoes with the sound of their hooves and raucous laughter. 


 Super Dungeon Forgotten King Heroes


Their love of life is matched only by their fury at those who would dare despoil the Fae Wood.


Princess Emerald

Princess Emerald was the Second-born of the five Princesses. Bold and adventurous, Emerald cared little for the niceties of court. The wilderness coursed through her veins, and only under the open sky was she truly at home.


 Super Dungeon Forgotten King Heroes


Princess Emerald has always been the most free-spirited of the Crystalian Princesses. Holding a deep love for the forest she has developed a mastery of nature craft rivaled only by the elves. She has long been fascinated by the legends of The Forgotten King and the tragedy of his curse.


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