Hoarfang: Gameplay

Hoarfang: Gameplay
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The Once and Always Terror of the Icy Wastes!

Hoarfang is a terrifying boss to reckon with. A party, if they are able to survive the trek through icy dungeons without falling prey to the many horrors and lurking dangers, may be graced with the majestic presence of Lady Hoarfang before their demise. Many icy statues of heroes who thought themselves up to the task decorate the Dragons menagerie.

Let’s take a look at what you will be facing. Dragons are not known for subtlety. Hoarfang is large and impressive even amongst her own kind. 5 actions will seem too much when she levels her gaze at you. This massive 3x3 base of hers allows her to really tussle with a full party. With her Monstrous Size, Fly, and Crush, proximity will be hard to dodge if you hope to engage her from range. She can reach 3 squares on her STR attacks, with a base of 2 Red, and 3 Green on each attack. She will do Massive Damage to any she successfully hits if they have suffered IceSuper Dungeon Hoarfang


Speaking of ice, Hoarfang has some nasty actions to help spread the love. Ice Wind is a magical attack with Wave 3 and Ice. With her 3x3 base, she can cover a lot of real estate with each frosty puff. Glacial Shift has the very ground erupt with icy spears and, in addition to causing damage, can heal 1 for each potion rolled on the dice. Tear to Pieces, well, now that you have her attention, she can set into a hero biting and tearing at them with vigor. This attack deals Massive Damage, and has Improved Critical, no doubt sundering even the most stalwart hero. Should you put the mighty beast on the defensive, her Lashing Tail will lend an extra Red dice to her armor until her next activation and set her for Deadly Defence, dealing out damage to failed attacks against her.


Super Dungeon Hoarfang


The great thing about a boss encounter in Super Dungeon is that the Dungeon Boss is never out of the fight entirely. During her TIMEOUT “Tiny Cold Hands” spawns a horde of small Frost Imps into base contact with each hero. Deal with them at your own peril, when destroyed their Biting Wind rule grants an ice token to the model that removed the Imp from play, making Hoarfang's attacks all the more dangerous!


Super Dungeon Frost Imps


This magnificent miniature and game rules are fit for a full party experience. With a Difficulty rating of 3, Hoarfang will certainly require some strategic planning and really epic loot to take down!

For all the eager dragon lovers we released Hoarfang at a pre-order price of $99.99. The pre-order window is closing at Midnight, Sunday the 17th of July. After this date she will be available for $124.99. So get your orders in now, for that great saving!


Good Luck Heroes!


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