Hoarfang: Lore

Hoarfang: Lore
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Hoarfang. Scaled Snow Cone Maker, or Icy Death Machine?

Dragons are not of the Dark Realm, nor are they thought to be creations of the Goddess. Most believe that dragons were motes of primal magic that floated in the ether at the time of the Goddess’s creation of Crystalia. These motes were trapped within the goddesses creation and given new form as sleeping dragons both within Crystalia and within the Dark Realm.


Super Dungeon Hoarfang


When Monach blew the Dragon Horn, he woke the dragons, resulting in the Dragon’s Call. These new primal creatures are varied in their personalities. While many consider them to work for the Dark Consul, this is largely because most monsters of the Dark Consul are easily cowed by power, and most dragon’s simply desire to be left alone. All dragons are highly intelligent and typically have their own agenda (if they choose to have one at all.)


Super Dungeon Hoarfang


Surprisingly, Hoarfang is a rather sociable dragon. It is not uncommon for her to visit the Barrel Roll Pass for a barrel or ren of ale, alight upon the summits of the Skullwhite Fastness to consult the Jotnar, or lounge among the flickering fires of freyjan prides. Unfortunately, her sociable nature is impish by instinct, and misspoken word, promise, or deed by a town elder can indebt an entire town for generations to Hoarfang.


Super Dungeon Hoarfang


Hoarfang considers herself a magnanimous and benevolent dragon lord, yet the Frostbyte Reach is pocked with the ruins of civilizations which discovered the truth of their Lord’s “generosity.”


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