Holly Jolly Candy

Holly Jolly Candy
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Another Round On Candy!

Candy is the latest in a long line of sleigh masters. Sworn to distribute gifts to the good boys and girls of Crystalia. Her appointment comes with some snappy new duds, fur lined clothes to keep the cold out, and an endless supply of sudsy bottles! The long night ahead is fraught with peril, but surely Candy and Cola are up to the task.


Super Dungeon Holly Jolly Candy


She may be a Jolly soul but working with Truffle Hogs requires muscle, as represented by her starting STR of 2 red. When she wants to Make Merry, she can really let loose adding a further 2 red dice to her STR, which only increases the chances of rolling Potions to help brew up a soda or two for the party. With Keep The Drinks Flowing, Holly Jolly Candy can consume two potions during both the Hero and the Dark Consul's turn, though she gets a bit upset if the drinks run dry and will suffer a wound during the party's power-up phase if there are no Potion tokens on her card.


Super Dungeon Holly Jolly Candy


With a vast array of potions at her disposal, she is ready for anything that might be needed for the Party. So, make merry you snowy adventurers with the newest addition to the Candy collection, Holly Jolly Candy! Her warm smile and battle antics make her the perfect addition to a collection whether to paint and/or play with.


Bottoms Up!


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