Howling Pack Spawning Point Now Available!

Howling Pack Spawning Point Now Available!

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The Howling Pack Runs Wild!



Howling Pack

Gnolls are wholly creatures of the Dark Realm. Petty, cruel, and savagely cunning, massive packs of gnolls prowl throughout the shadowlands of the Dark Realm. When the Dark Consul shattered the divide between the realms of Light and Dark, the gnolls were slow to emerge. Instead, the cunning creatures began to prey upon the weakened fiefdoms within the Dark Realm. Only as the gnolls’ power grew did they venture through the Nether Rifts into Crystalia.
In Crystalia, gnolls behave much as they did within the Dark Realm. Stalking the shadows, they isolate and destroy weak prey. The inhospitable Frostbyte Reach
provides perfect shelter for this mentality. Within its snowcapped peaks the gnolls find solitude and safety, where they can rest and plot their next incursion.

The Howling Pack is an all new Spawning Point!

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