Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

Ninja Division is proud to announce our partnership with Humble Bundle to bring you an incredible array of print-and-play versions of your favorite games!

Humble Bundle is yet another part in Ninja Division's broader strategy to seek out new opportunities to fulfill our obligations to backers, while also getting more people playing games. The opportunity presented by Humble Bundle allows us to mobilize some of our print assets as digital print-and-play downloads, with the funds raised being put towards our goal of stabilizing Ninja Division and Kickstarter fulfillment.

Even better, we get to help out a great cause with charity proceeds going towards Hospice of the Northwest Foundation!

All content available on the Humble Bundle has already been available to Ninja Division customers and backers as updates, downloads, or as a physical product. 

The Humble Bundle includes an amazing lineup of games such as Rail Raiders Infinite, Way of the Fighter, Super Dungeon: Arena, and Ninja All-Stars. All told, it's over $300 in value!

The bundle is only available for two weeks, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to get a digital copy of this game.



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