Indominable Hanzo

Indominable Hanzo
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Indominable Hanzo

“Earth mastery implies more than resolve and toughness - it is a warriors art that encompasses enlightenment, always seeking truth, constant training, and tremendous focus on one's duty." - The Book of Hanzo


Super Dungeon Indominable Hanzo


It’s hammer time! Don’t pass up your chance to add this unmovable force to your party. Aside from being firmly unmovable in battle, this student of the Earth shrine can move through solid objects and walls with ease, and draws on that power to also shield himself and his friends in combat with a near impenetrable aura of stone.


Super Dungeon Indominable Hanzo


Servants of the dark consul beware. Once the hammer of Hanzo finds its mark, all they can do will be to stare vacantly while the final blows are struck.


Move The Earth With Indominable Hanzo, Today!


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