Island of Shadows: Heroes and Villains Previews


Island of Shadows:

Heroes and Villains Previews

Many heroes and villains call Kagejima home. As our intrepid Crystalian Heroes journey deeper into the Island of Shadows they find new allies and new enemies alike! 

Karura (Hero)

Karura’s inquisitive nature has led him to tinker endlessly, and he has invented many wonderful things. The latest of these, a contraption of snares, wires, pulleys, and hooks, allows him to fly between trees, cliffs, and rooftops with all the grace and speed of his beloved avian cousins.


Dark Kitsune (Mini-Boss)

Some Kitsune are ill-suited for life beneath their clan’s shadowed trees. Dark Kitsune dream of a wider world, and long to see its wonders. They take their clan’s skills in herbalism and magic with them, of course, and most parlay these talents into lucrative employment. They rarely have trouble finding warriors willing to pay their sometimes outlandish fees.


Tengu (Mini-Boss)

For centuries, the Tengu have bartered or traded their magical and martial skill to the competing clans of Kagejima. Sometimes they do so for gold, for more offerings at their shrines, or for shiny baubles. Other times the requests are more unusual, such as whispers of love from a beautiful woman, the first wail of a newborn, or thirty stems of saffron.


Moon Princess (Hero)

Schooled since birth in the ancient, esoteric arcana of her family, the Moon Princess sometimes tires of merely watching the Moonlight Tournament. Sometimes, she wishes to pit her own strange and terrible power against the warriors competing to do her honor. Several true assassinations have been attempted during the Tournament, and surely more will come. In truth, this danger is part of what makes these outings so appealing.

These new Heroes and Mini-Bosses will be arriving alongside Clan Tanchyo next week!

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